Woman startled by cheeky herd of cows in her garden and police can’t move them

A woman has found herself facing a difficult yet hilarious predicament after a mischievous herd of cows boldly trespassed in her garden.

Rosalind Hobgood says she was just about to snuggle up for a nap at around noon on Sunday, July 10, when she received a call from a neighbour, telling her to look outside.

After taking a peek through the window, Rosalind was amazed to see a white cow making itself quite comfortable in her garden.

She then went to open her front door, only to discover three more cows grazing happily on her property, even defecating on her flowering plant.

It appears the cows were seeking shelter from the fierce heat, with temperatures soaring to 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 Celsius) in Houston, Texas, where Rosalind lives.

Footage captured by Rosalind’s doorbell camera shows her stepping out into her yard to confront the creatures, yelling at them, “Hey! Go somewhere!”

A puzzled child can also be heard saying: “What the heck is happening?”

The footage has since gone viral, with Rosalind’s frantic endeavours to move the unbothered beasts on sparking widespread amusement.

Rosalind’s neighbours shared a good laugh and joked about the situation on Facebook, while a number of kind-hearted individuals also made sure to get some water for the thirsty cows, who appeared to be struggling in the heat.

According to Rosalind, police officers received numerous calls about the pesky herd, but did little to actually help.

She added: “Eventually [a Houston Police Department] patrol car came out – they did not engage, sat in their car and watched the cows.”

The cows eventually headed off together of their own accord, having no clue at all about the chaos they’d caused.