Mum ‘distressed and frustrated’ as neighbours refuse to move noisy wind chimes

The blisteringly hot summer weather means that most of us will have our windows wide open in an attempt to get some much-needed cool breeze flowing through our homes.

But the more windows you have open, the easier it is to hear the annoying noises that your neighbours might make – from DIY projects and loud music to dogs barking and people shouting.

And one woman has a particular grievance with her neighbours, as she says she’s been left feeling “distressed and frustrated” by the sound of their wind chimes.

The mum explained that her neighbours have “big resonant tubular bells” hanging in their garden, and although she has asked them to move them to a location that doesn’t get quite as much breeze, they have only agreed to move them “about two feet” from where they originally were.

When asked to move them a second time, they refused and “cut off all contact” with the mum and her partner.

In a post on Mumsnet, she said: “We politely asked our neighbours to move their wind chimes as we could hear them clearly in our garden and in our house with the windows or doors open. These aren’t the little tinkly chimes but the big resonant tubular bells.

“The neighbours were quite hostile but did move them – about two feet from where they had previously been. We could still hear them although slightly less frequently.

“We politely asked again but they were very aggressive, accused us of harassing them, and cut off all contact with us. The wind chimes remain. We can still hear them even on slightly breezy days.”

The mum went on to say she and her partner now can’t open their windows at night because the sound keeps them awake, and they can no longer enjoy their home and garden like they used to.

She added: “We can’t leave our bedroom window open at night as the sound carries right into our room, which is especially frustrating during this hot weather. We’ve been quite distressed and frustrated and can’t enjoy our house and garden like we used to.

“I guess some people might think we are being unreasonable – it’s only a musical noise, right? Not a barking dog or anything – but this really is a problem for us.”

Commenters on the Mumsnet post were sympathetic toward the mum, but most said she would need to find a way to “adjust” as there isn’t much she can do about the noise.

One person said: “That would drive me mad. I feel your pain.”

While another added: “How dreadful. I absolutely hate wind chimes. There’s no getting away from the noise. I’m so sorry for you!”

And a third wrote: “They’re one of those things that you have to put up with – it’s annoying and they might be being unneighbourly, but that’s not a crime. Unless they’re large cymbals I doubt they’d get anywhere near the threshold of being a nuisance noise.”