‘My friend banned my three month old baby from his wedding but other kids are invited’

There are many people who choose to make their wedding day child-free and ask that parents keep their kids at home, and for some, that makes their big day all the more enjoyable.

But one dad has been left furious after he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to bring his son to his best friend’s wedding – even though other children have been invited.

The man explained he was due to be a groomsman in his mate’s upcoming ceremony, but has now dropped out just two weeks ahead of the wedding day after being told that his three-month-old son wouldn’t be allowed to come.

He also said that his own wife was due to be in the bridal party before her pregnancy forced her to back out of the position, and now neither of them can attend at all because they don’t feel comfortable leaving their baby at home.

In a Reddit post, he said: “I was supposed to be a groomsman in a wedding for two close friends, but I recently backed out two weeks before the scheduled ceremony because the bride and groom do not wish for my wife to attend with our son.

“My wife gave birth to our first child three months ago and has been recovering at home while also looking after our son. I stayed home the first month and a half with her but had to return to work due to my paternity leave ending.

“The couple getting married are close friends of both my wife and I and we have known them as well as the other groomsmen and bridesmaids for years. My wife was even supposed to be in the wedding party before she found out she was pregnant.

“The soon-to-be bride and groom had been very gracious and patient with mine and my wife’s schedule leading up to the wedding and I have tried to be fair and contribute as much as the others. My wife was very excited to attend the wedding and we had been planning on bringing our son as my wife and I are not yet comfortable leaving him yet.

“I didn’t think this would be a problem because this wasn’t a child-free wedding, but recently both the bride and groom reached out to me to ‘request’ my wife and I leave our son and not bring him to the wedding.”

The bride and groom then suggested that if the couple aren’t comfortable leaving their son at home, then the man should attend the wedding and leave his wife at home with their baby.

However, the man has refused to do so, and has now dropped out of being a groomsman, as well as now refusing to attend the wedding at all if his wife and son can’t be there.

He added: “I explained that we were not comfortable leaving him, specifically my wife, and the bride and groom suggested my wife not attend the wedding at all if she was not comfortable leaving our son yet.

“I told them I thought this was unfair considering other people in the party would be bringing their children but they said they singled us out because they don’t think ‘weddings are for babies’ and they also are worried about disruptions during the ceremony.

“I told them that if my wife and son weren’t welcomed then I would not be attending. Now the bride and groom are claiming I have disrupted everything and I even have other friends who are also a part of the party reaching out to both me and my wife for us to resolve this issue.

“I don’t plan on changing my mind because my wife was so excited to attend the wedding and I feel we were unfairly singled out.”

Commenters on the Reddit post understood why the man would drop out of the wedding, but were also on the side of the couple getting married as they noted that babies can cause disruption and it’s perfectly fine for them to not want a very young baby at their ceremony.

One person said: “Babies can be disruptive to weddings so it’s not unreasonable for them to ask for none to attend. For you and your wife of course the baby is priority number one, so there’s nothing wrong with not attending because you can’t bring him.”

As another added: “It’s their wedding, and if they don’t want crying babies, that’s a valid desire. You not wanting to leave your newborn is also valid and understandable. This is really more of a timing issue than a friendship issue.”