AirPods Could Have A New Safety Feature, Lets You Switch Off Music And More

Apple continues to make its devices smarter and safer to some extent, and the company has typified this by filing for patents that may or may not see the light of the day. The latest filing is regarding AirPods and apparently, Apple wants to add a few features using its built-in sensors to make it safer for the wearer in different conditions.

Based on the details of the patent, AirPods will have the ability to pause or lower the volume if it feels that you are entering a location where you need to concentrate on the sound in the area.

Most premium earbuds in the market offer reliable noise cancellation support, which can be a boon if you want to isolate the music, but there are instances where absolute isolation can be dangerous. Apple wants to reduce such incidents and this patented feature could go a long way in keeping people safe with their AirPods in the ear.

To make this happen, the patent suggests, Apple will integrate the GPS on the iPhone or an Apple Watch into the sensors residing within the AirPods.

So, let’s say you are entering a heavy traffic area, and the iPhone transmits the signal to the AirPods, then the earbuds will automatically lower the volume so you can hear the incoming traffic and also help you concentrate on your driving or cycling, instead of hymning to the music playing in your ears.

That’s not all, AirPods will also smartly tune down the volume of the left or right side earbud if you face louder music on one side.

Hearing about these ideas through the filing patent, you can see the value of having them integrated into the earbuds. It could make sense not only for the AirPods but other manufacturers could also attempt a similar feature, keeping users safe even when they have their earbuds on.